Write Your Sad Status On Social Media

Social media has become so important for us. We let others know about our mood and whereabouts through the feed-posts, stories and statuses. Nowadays, the first thing a teen will do after waking up is to check their friends’ social media statuses. People express themselves through different kinds of statuses like sad status or romantic status. 

Why put a sad status?

Sometimes when people are upset and do not want to talk will put these statuses. It is a reliable way to let their loved ones know that is something is not right with them, without even talking. When we see our friends’ sad status, we approach them and talk them out of their misery. 

How to write these statuses?

You cannot put up a whole paragraph and expect people to read that first thing in the morning. If you want to grab anyone’s attention, then you need to make it short and simple. Even though social media platform allows us to write more than two-three lines, it is pretty pointless. The big statuses often make people think that you are bluffing. Thus, keeping them in two or three lines are your best shot.

Also, writing these statuses are not that difficult. You can put up your feelings in a few words or look into the internet for some sweet statuses. There are so many. There are statuses so unique that no one has heard about. All you need to do is copy and paste them on your social media accounts’ status section. You do not even have to type.

Removing your social media accounts’ profile picture, when you are upset is an old move now. Fewer people are doing it. If you search for unique statuses, you will stumble upon many. You can even find such of other genres.