Win Back Your Ex Wife – How to do it

Those are the words, the whispers of your heart for the woman you dearly love. You can’t forget her even if she already told you that everything is over…you are no longer together. Since you broke-up you can’t just get some sleep. Your heart and mind is still with her. There’s no way you want to give her up, you love her so much and it’s tearing you apart. Your decision-by hook or by crook…”I will win my ex-wife back.”

Certainly you can win your ex-wife back, but before you do that, you need to take a deep breath and think real hard, how you’ll going to do that? You can’t just run into her mom’s place and kneel down on your knees and beg for her to get back to you. That’s taboo, it won’t work! Being hopeless romantic will not get her sympathy, She’ll just roll her eyes up and down, turn her back on you…and will probably yell and say “Go to hell!”

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If that won’t work then what’s an option? Have you asked yourself why did she leave you? If that’s still a puzzle, you need to find the answer. That’s the first step you must do. You need to know why so that when the moment comes that she’s willing to sit down and talk; you already know how to deal with the issues that cause the break-up.

Most women no matter how much they love their husbands and deeply committed to the relationship they arrive to a decision ending it, and ask for a separation because they’re no longer happy. They feel emotionally distant, un-appreciated, ignored, and cheated in the relationship.

Reflect back on your marriage, was there a time when your ex-wife directly or indirectly asks you if you still love her? Did you feel longing in her voice? Is she complaining about you not giving her adequate attention?

A woman asks this question when she feels that you no longer appreciate or needed her. You might have spent so much time working at work lately and during the weekends instead of spending an intimate time with her, you drag her and the kids at a football game with group of friends. At the end of the game, you’re still carried away and you keep talking over and over about the actions in the field…a lingo she doesn’t really understand. Kids may probably enjoy it if they’re males but what about your wife? Or probably you invite friends over at your house and drink until you pass out? Evaluate the events…

In any of your arguments, did she ever say…”It’s all about you. This relationship seems to be everything about you!” You just probably answered NO, it’s about US. That’s it, period.

When a woman starts complaining and saying those kinds of words, you must slow down and stop immediately, sit down with her and ask what’s going on. If not you’ll just be surprised she already packed her bag and ready to leave. In your case she already left.

The remedy is to get her back and prove to your ex-wife that, you messed up. You’re unaware of your shortcomings, you recognized your mistakes and you want to make it up to her. One of the ways you can get to her is through a common friend who believes that both of you are a great couple together. That friend of yours might be able to set up for a cup of coffee after a jogging. Make it a casual meeting just to test the water if your ex-wife is willing to see you and talk. If the reaction is positive, that’s good news. You can then take the next move.

Make sure you have plan, small gestures that you really care for her is big help. Women are good in observation. They call it the women instinct, she’ll notice every little expression of endearment towards her, you need to pay attention and always make an eye to eye contact with her. You need to feel if she is still interested in rebuilding your relationship. The fact that she agreed on a casual meeting means she still loves you…so you need to start a renewed courtship and start to win your ex-wife back.

It is very important to let your ex-wife know that you really regret what happened and you are willing to do everything to receive her forgiveness. Show your sincerity, and willingness to change and make her and your relationship priority.

Majority of women commit themselves in marriage and they are willing to repair the relationship for the sake of their children in most cases if it’s worth it. If you are sure that your mistake is forgivable, then you have a great chance of winning your ex-wife back.