What Is Your “Social Wave Strategy”?

There is a swelling wave of social technology that is indeed changing the business landscape. From Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the host of other social platforms conversations from the masses, both on-line and off-line have become mainstream.

The subsequent impacts initially have a lot of people wondering what all this means while a few think and create where it is going. For businesses the critical issue remains one of “what will you do” as a result of all this on-line and off-line activity fueled by peoples interest in this thing called “social media”? To properly answer the question smart companies are stepping back from all the chatter and thinking through what is the best strategy for leveraging all this “social stuff” for the long term. At the same time most organizations are simply jumping in without thinking through the strategic implications and subsequently all they are doing is fueling the chatter with meaningless content.

Waves are formed by systemic shifts under the ocean and initially they are not seen by the human eye. Similarly waves of change in market shifts begin with small ripples of change in the way people and businesses interact with market intentions. Small ripples become waves when more and more people use instruments of change. The more people that use the instruments the bigger the wave becomes. Swelling with momentum social media is indeed causing changes in how markets operate and people communicate. Most businesses cannot see the size of the wave building but they can see and hear something in the distance. A visit at the https://www.smm-world.com/buy-youtube-subscribers site will help in increasing the followers with less effort. The size is required to be large of the subscribers to meet with the requirement of the business. The changes in the market will be in the favor of the YouTube channel owner. 

The social wave is indeed swelling and advancing technology will accelerate the size and impact of the wave. The closer the wave gets to your business landscape the more visible it will become. However, when it becomes visible it may be to late for you to prepare for its impact. To not know that the “social wave” is building means you are not looking at the movement of the landscape in front of you. Not knowing and not preparing means that the “social wave” may displace the landscape that you are currently standing on. This means you will be displaced by those who can see the “social wave” coming and are prepared to ride it with the intent to remove you from the buyers landscape.

The “social wave” isn’t about following social media and all the related technology today rather it is about thinking and planning strategically with the intent to create your own wave tomorrow. To do so you must rise above all today’s ” meaningless chatter” and think about creating meaningful value that fulfills the markets of intent. What are markets of intent? What is a “social wave strategy”?