What Are The Ways To Promote Your Twitch Stream?

Do you feel frustrated for not getting more views by streaming for several hours on Twitch? Are you tired of streaming on Twitch? Well, if you are facing such a problem, then you must shift to some other ways that can attract more customers and helps you to enhance your following on this popular platform.

Here are some of the common ways that help you to get more 

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Attracting the audience

The major mistake that people do is that they don’t have a particular time to stream. They stream on any random day of the week at different hours. People can’t get to know when to watch you’re streaming, which results in low viewers. So, for attracting more and more audience, you must:

  • Brand yourself, so it becomes easy to remember.
  • Stream as much as possible to enhance your exposure
  • Stick to a particular streaming schedule

Interacting with your audience

Interacting with the audience is a great way to increase your audience. When you interact with them through chat shows, they feel more connected. Take a break in between, check the comments of your subscribers and respond to their questions and also check how to convert twitch clips to tiktok

For interacting, you can:

  • Thank your audience for entering, donating, and subscribing.
  • Respond to views over the comments or chat shows.
  • Use host mode to engage them when you are offline

Promoting outside the Twitch

Make accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that are dedicated to your account. After this, you can post it on Twitch wherever you go live; through this, people can watch you. You can also interact with your audience with the help of your social media accounts.

For promoting outside Twitch, you can:

  • Promote your stream in online gaming forums.
  • Network with other twitch streamers at a convention
  • Ask your network of friends to help you promote your stream.