Training Expert- Body Toning

Health experts are of the opinion that mental health is probably more important than physical health but sadly it is generally neglected when compared to the latter and it becomes important to create awareness about it.

Physical health means having a fit and able body that might not necessarily be ripped and well built. Mental health means having a distressed and relaxed mind with no room for tension and depression.

Rauno Rikberg, an Estonia based physical trainer, is a strong advocate of both physical and mental health where he conducts regular training sessions in his hometown for people that want to build a strong physical frame with the added bonus of weekly online sessions for individuals that were slow on the intake of grasping the credentials of physical training.

Fitness Guru

Rauno Rikberg started out as a budding footballer for which he was passionate about since childhood when he was taking part in different training sessions in his high school days.

He became acquainted to the gym around 1998 when he pursued his football passion and started gaining muscle mass around the same time when he became an assistant instructor of sorts for youngsters.

A post graduate degree in physical culture from the University of Tallinn furthered Rikberg’s credentials but a knee injury during his first year in college proved to be a dent to his flourishing football career.

So he consulted a physical therapist cum personal trainer and came under his tutelage to cultivate his skills in physical training that proved to be a major turning point in his life when he developed an ambition to become a trainer himself.

He carefully balanced his studies with his training skills and came out triumphs in both when he became an official personal trainer for many individuals and it became his mission to better the lives of people.

His name always features at the top when it comes to the best Personal treening in Estonia as event today, decades later, he continues with his passion.