Ten Simple Rules For Weight Loss And Healthy Living

1) In order to lose weight and document what types of food you eat, amount of calories consumed, timing of eating, and monitor nutritional content of eaten foods, KEEP A FOOD DIARY.

2) Be vigilante and have control over portion of foods eaten in meals or snacks. Use a 7-9″ dinner plate or small snack plate (5″ plate) for plating your food into single layer to cover the eating surface of plate (no layers or piling on of foods) with balanced meal or healthy snack(s). A balanced diet of proteins (plant-based and minimum animal-based protein of no more than 10-20% of total protein), complex carbohydrates, fresh vegetables and fruits, and healthy fats should be part of daily eating. Eat four (4) well-balanced meals and snack at regular intervals or six (6) small meals throughout the day based on your set caloric needs or goals. With the MyPill review, the purchasing of the right products is effective for people. You can consume a perfect diet and meal to get the desired results. The burning of the calories is high with the products. You can check the reviews to have the results. 

3) Find and maintain regular activity or exercise program like speed walking, jogging/running, biking, or some cardio or aerobic workout or any moderate activity that burns calories and increases metabolism.

4) Eat at least 3-4 servings of vegetables or 2-3 servings of fruits , preferably in their natural state or minimum cooking to get full benefits of macronutrients (like proteins, carbohydrates and fats), anti-oxidants, and micronutrients found in them. Try to eat fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables over processed fruits and vegetables or frozen versions without any processing for later consumption.

5) Avoid or minimize consumption of sugary or sugar-based drinks like juices made from concentrates or 10% juices, soda pop, sports drinks and sugar-laden beverages or modified water. Try to drink natural 100% juices or blend fruits to make home-made juices or smoothies.

6) Eat more complex carbohydrates and fiber-based foods made from whole grains, various beans, legumes, green leafy and colored vegetables, and fresh fruits rather than foods made from refined carbohydrates, sugary, canned fruits, and processed, preservative-laden vegetables.

7) Enjoy your favorite foods whether they are fried or fat-containing foods, salty snacks, or sweets in moderation by eating them in small portions (remember the portion rule of plating only snack plate) for such food items, eat them once in week or month depending on type of food item, enjoy and savor them as means to reward yourself or part of celebration with others.

8) Drink minimum amounts of or avoid alcohol consumption. Alcohols are carbohydrate-based, calorie-rich drinks. Avoid daily drinking or binge drinking of alcohol like beer, hard liquors like whiskey, scotch, etc. and large amounts of even wine can cause weight gain, nutritional deficits, and increase risks of many chronic health conditions including cancer, liver disease, hypertension among others. If you must drink, enjoy no more than two (2) servings (4-8 oz.) of alcohol drinks like red wine or dark beer (which may have some beneficial effects) per day, but check for negative interactions with certain medications, foods, and health conditions with physician.

9) Drink plenty of water per day. Consume 8-12 glasses of water (8 oz. each) per day depending on foods eaten, level of physical activity, weather conditions or time of year, your state of hydration, and any medications being taken. If possible, drink filtered, tap water rather than bottled water to minimize harmful environmental impact and avoid processed chemicals in bottles.

10) Do get enough amount of quality sleep 6-8 hours daily depending on your normal sleep pattern, work habits, time of season, level of energy, and physical activities. Regular sleeping is important to reset and recharge body’s brain and control over metabolism, hormones, and neural activities. Avoid use or misuse of over-the-counter sleep aids or energy drinks to avoid sleep or fatigue.