Scent Intense Perfume: It’s Better Than Sex Panther

Scent Intense by the design house of Costume National has created a very unique fragrance. Scent Intense is for you if you gag every time you walk by an Abercrombie  Fitch storefront. The scent that wafts from that place revolts me. It smells like a combination of benzene, paint thinner, and bougainvilleas. Perfumes and colognes these days really do smell more like sweetened chemicals and I find that I have very little tolerance for these cloying, unnatural scents. It isn’t a matter of taste, but I actually get a headache if I’m exposed to certain scents for more than 5 minutes.

Scent Intense is probably one of the few colognes that doesn’t provoke a skull pounding fury. But this is isn’t the only reason why I endorse this fragrance. According to its website, Scent Intense starts off with top notes of jasmine tea, middle notes of the mother of pearl hibiscus, and base notes of amber.

The fragrance is extremely rich and sensual and it may even smell a bit harsh, even pungent when you first spray it. As you let the scent settle, it assumes a very woodsy and amber undertone. For me and my skin chemistry, the perfume settles into a fine leathery and amber scent. Though I find this to have decidedly masculine properties, everything is so jumbled these days, that I’m sure women can get away with wearing it too. Quite, in fact, Scent Intense is marketed as an androgynous fragrance.

Different concentrations in a perfume’s aromatic compounds signify the type of perfume class it falls in. The higher the intensity, the longer it tends to linger on the skin and of course, the higher the price. A fragrance sold as Perfume Extract typically has a 20% concentration of perfume oils. Eau de Parfum is anywhere from 10 – 20% concentration, Eau de Toilette is generally 5 – 15%, Eau de Cologne, 3 – 8%, and splash or aftershave comes in at 1-3%.

Scent Intense is classified as Eau de Parfum. It’s a highly concentrated fragrance, which means a spray in one or two strategic areas on the body can linger for quite some time. Hours later, I’m still able to trace the scent on my skin, so be careful not to overuse this. A 1.7 oz. the bottle retails for about $64. However, I’ve seen it go upwards of $90 – $120, so make sure you shop around for the best value.

What I truly despise about fragrances these days is the bottle design. They’re elaborately sculpted pieces of glass that showcase the product as unique and precious, but most often have zero functionality. True to its smoldering nature, Scent Intense is bottled in a jet black glass shaped like a half-circle with the sides cut off. The spray nozzle is angled slightly forward and the construction makes it very difficult to aim and angle properly at the skin. It’s frustrating when I’m trying to aim for a place behind my ear and get it on my chin, or at the hollow of my neck and it falls on my chest or over my shoulder.

Final Thoughts

I’m not a scent hog. I have only two fragrances in my collection. Each time I use either, I’m complimented for its unique fragrant properties. If you don’t want to smell like a pimp or some hyper horny teenager who doesn’t know any better, Scent Intense allows you to stand out in the crowd. That is until you open your mouth. That’s up to you, can’t help you there.