Price Prediction- What Lies in Store for Bitcoin

How many of you believe in astrology? There are numerous aspects that can define astrology but no one can understand it in its truest essence as that is a thing of the past as most of the people who call themselves astrologers are nothing but frauds of the highest order.

It is virtually impossible to predict what will happen tomorrow because true astrology existed only in the ancient times so never go after these con artists posing as your well wishers who want nothing more than to siphon off your funds for themselves.

Bitcoin is also an interesting area of discussion as it has help people captive under the spell of its tempting market turns and today it is exhilarating to fathom where its prices stand today compared to normal currency.

Bitcoin Vs Ethereum

In recent times, Ethereum is the closest competitor for bitcoin and hopes to usurp the number one position that the latter held in the first few years of its launch in the field of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin’s price as of now is around $8476.93, which is quite ok in the general sense while Ethereum is at $253.35 and is facing strong resistance from others at a psychological level.

The third coin that deserves a mention is Ripple which stands nowhere in comparison to the other two coins as its price is a meager $0.922 but the predictions stand on a similar psychological level that determines its standing and what credentials it holds in the minds of experts.

So this is not a typical Bitcoin Vs Ethereum although there is an ideological war of clashes between the two that cannot be denied by anyone. The bitcoin revolution logo currently states that there might be changes in the prices of all 3 coins but it is difficult to make a clear cut prediction on how things stand.