Pokemon GO: Tips for Legendary Raids That You Need To Know

Since the introduction of Legendary Raids, many players have remained perplexed as to how to beat Lugia. We hope that this guide will assist you in clarifying your concerns by outlining Lugia’s flaws as well as its strengths and shortcomings.

Alternatively, if you’ve already captured Lugia, we also have a guide that informs you what the Lugia and Articuno’s best attacks are, what the Articuno’s strengths and weaknesses are, and a guide that instructs you on how to locate uncommon and legendary Pokémon. Now in pokemon go, here are the essential deals.

Attributes that define Lugia’s strengths and weaknesses

Lugia is a Flying Psychic Type Pokémon that is a Raid Boss with 42,753 CP. It has a maximum of 3,598 CP after being captured, making it one of the most powerful Pokémon in the game.

To beat Lugia, it is recommended that you employ a Pokemon of the Dark Type, Stone Type, Ice Type, Ghost Type, or Electric Type. Check to see which Pokémon you’ve previously encountered and, if you have them, try utilizing a Tyranitar or a Golem.

Great Choices for you

Assuming you do not own any of these Pokemons, it is recommended that you take a defensive stance. The water-weak Pokemon Lugia causes a great deal of harm to, therefore, stay away from this kind of Pokemon. However, when Lugia uses Flying-type strikes, Electric, Steel, and Stone type Pokémon suffer less damage than they would if Lugia used Psychic-type attacks. Electric, Steel, and Stone type Pokémon suffer less damage when Lugia uses Flying type attacks. As a result, these kinds of Pokémon are great choices if you wish to take a defensive stance against your opponents. Now in pokemon go, you can find the best options.


The fact that Field Research is now the most realistic method of obtaining this strong Pokémon is worth noting: a set of goals that you must accomplish over the course of seven days will result in the prize of a rare Pokémon at the conclusion of the process. If you’re fortunate, this might be your lucky day!