Pokemon Go- Entertainment Quotient

The second wave of the corona virus pandemic has unleashed with a massive surge in cases that has left the government with no choice but to reinforce lockdown measures for the safety of the citizens.

It is a welcome move for many folks that have become so used to staying at home that they don’t want to move out especially video game aficionados that have used the situation to their advantage.

When it comes to renowned games, Pokemon Go is hard to leave out given its massive popularity among the youth and the bygone 90s and early 2000s generation that grew up watching the animated series while the game has only served as icing on the cake.

Home Play

If you too are afflicted with Covid-19 and are getting frustrated shut up in one room for two weeks, you need not worry because you can utilize this time to play the game where you simply have to log onto Pokemon Go Accounts and get going.

While trying out the game at hand, make sure that you exercise regularly each day for the next few weeks in order to keep the body in good shape because simply lying down on the bed could be boring.

It would lead to lethargy where soon you would have problems in putting physical exertion on your body so while playing Pokemon, do look at the new features in the adventure sync that the game has come up with.

The GO snapshot has a new photography mode where you can get clearer pictures than usual like for example, Machop is a fighter pokemon with a muscular physique but when it comes to handling the dishes, he looks no better than a cook.

AR photography does enhance the features of the game to a whole new level where it feels that you are looking at a screensaver with HD format.