Make Money Online – Moneyman Action

In Money Man Action Log I, Money Man covered the basics of making money online. In today’s post, Money Man will discuss the individual steps to setting up Money Man’s online money-making empire.

The ingredients are simple;

  1. Blog with content
  2. PayPal account
  3. Product/Affiliate (Merch)
  4. Assorted Get Paid To Programs
  5. And Evergreen Wealth Formula free download

Finding a good affiliate for your Merch (if you are unable to manufacture your own Merch), is very important. There are many to choose from, and many are disreputable. Money Man has linked to every affiliate that is more or less on the up and up in the link section to the right. Choose an affiliate with care and remember to focus on just using a few ads that convert really well, rather than drowning your content out with ads. Money Man likes AuctionAds because they are simple, elegant and everyone is familiar with them.

Writing articles and pimping them out to social/news sites like Digg, Reddit, Fark, etc while selling the same content to the pay for content sites is a big help as well, reducing your reliance on The Merch for income. If you have writing talent, you need to stop and ask yourself ”How much can I write? Seriously, no exaggeration, how much can I write, consistently?”

Writing is not as easy as it sounds, but if you can pump out a tremendous amount of articles, then you may have a decent future. Pay for content sites are coming out of the woodwork and you can generally submit your material to multiple sites under a nonexclusive deal, meaning you can get paid for your blog content while increasing relevant content and backlinks to your site and there are probably other money-making benefits that Money Man doesn’t know about.

Remember that identical content is flagged as spam so use jet spinner or some such to change each article up a little.

Content sites are also paying for video and other things, like Revver.

Reviews. Paid to review sites are also popping up all over. Make your choice carefully, many have arcane rules and are not compatible with each other. You can’t use Pay Per Post, for instance, unless you have a 3:1 ratio of unpaid-to-paid content, you are somewhat popular and you are posting on a blog more than 90 days old. Nonetheless, they seem to have the best deal.

Helium is newer and becoming very popular.

Paid to take surveys. These are simple and to the point. You click through a pile of ads disguised as surveys and get paid for it. Don’t try to cheat, they can tell. CashCrate seems to be the best of these programs. ReadersPaid is similar in nature.