Lissa Explains it All: A Quick and Easy Way to Learn HTML

Learning HTML can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’ve never used HTML (or “hypertext markup language”) before. But if you want to design high quality websites, knowing a little more than basic HTML can come in handy.

True, there are a lot of HTML editors (often called WYSIWYG, or What You See Is What You Get editors) that you can use to build your web pages without knowing a thing about HTML. But not knowing at least basic HTML will seriously limit what you can do, especially that what you want to do is to create a great site.

Knowing HTML is useful in other areas, too. For example, for the most part, you can maintain a blog without knowing HTML. But knowing this computer language gives you the ability to do a lot more with your blog, making it more interesting a user-friendly. And more likely to attract repeat visitors.

There are dozens, probably even hundreds, of HTML tutorials online. But, if you want a quick, clear, uncomplicated crash course on what HTML is, and how to use it, you should think about starting with Lissa Explains It All.

What Is Lissa Explains It All?

Lissa Explains It All is a site designed to teach kids all about HTML. But don’t let that throw you off.

When learning something new, a resource designed for kids is often the best place to start. Unlike resources designed for adults, which can be too complicated for anyone to follow, things that are written to explain some concept or process to children have to be clear and easy to understand. So a resource designed to teach kids HTML is the perfect place for an adult new to HTML to learn the basics. Then, once you have a basic understanding of HTML, more adult resources will be much easier to understand and follow.

What You’ll Learn at Lissa Explains It All?

Lissa Explains It All Covers just about all of the topics that someone new to HTML would be interested in. There are sections on:

The basics of HTML.    Creating style sheets and CSS layouts.    Designing websites using frames and tables, if you don’t want to use CSS.    And using JavaScript to add functionality and special effects to your website.  Along with being clear and easy to understand, the information at Lissa Explains It All is delivered in a way that you can absorb quickly. So instead of it taking months for you to learn the basics of HTML, you can learn the basics in a few days.

After a few trips to Lissa Explains It All, you’ll know the basics of using HTML faster than you ever thought possible.