Light up your advertisements with the ultimate light boxes

These days, light boxes are extensively used for illuminated advertisements. Compared to channel letters, these light boxes basically come in one piece that can be made in different sizes and colors per individual need. You can either decide to go for small-sized Valguskastid, or you have the option of choosing the larger sizes. 

Excellent advertising choice

If you want to do unique advertising of your products and services, then using Valguskastid will be the best thing. You can make the logo or name of your business shiny and vibrant to the fullest. As a result, it will be visible from a distance. Compared with channel letters, it takes far less time to make light boxes in the best way possible.

Energy efficiency

If you are looking for energy efficiency in making an illuminated advertisement, then light boxes are the best option to consider. Small LED lights are used in these boxes, bringing your cost to its bare minimum.

Affordable prices

Light boxes are energy efficient, it cost you very little than the other illuminated advertisement option. Two main aspects will determine the price of light boxes, such as their sizes and types. It is also important for you to consider where you are going to mount this light box. 

One sided light box

You can go for a one-sided light box for illuminated advertisement. Your business logo or name is to be seen from one side only in this arrangement. This is installed against a facade or wall of a building.

Two sided light boxes

As its name suggests, in this arrangement, the name or logo of your business will be seen from both sides of the boxes. These light boxes are used in an open and large area for the obvious. It is to cost you more than that one-sided box.