Learning the history of pepper spray as a tear-jerker

Crimes against women are something that has been on the rampant rise all over the world. Several issues are crippling the situation further, and thus it required the intervention of technology to sort out the same. Thus, the scientists worked together to create the innovation of pepper spray. Who would have thought that a seasoning like pepper can be used as a tool for self-defense? And yet, here it is, to create irritation in the attackers’ eyes and tackle them bravely. Before jumping to pepper spray reviews, read further to know about its story.

Tracing the history

Though there is no such clear record on pepper spray, some of the sources say that this concept was developed in China and ancient India for self-defense. The Chinese warriors to Japanese ninjas were used as an official tool to attack the enemies and use strategies accordingly.

In 5500 BC, Mexican Indians used to cultivate pepper, and a part of it was diverted towards the production of such sprays. And currently, owing to the situation, several nations have legalized pepper spray as a non-lethal weapon. However, there is a restriction on its misuse against the animals.

Going for the best

Based on the pepper spray reviews, you can select out the best by looking at the following factors:

  • Quality and guarantee of effectiveness mentioned by the manufacturer
  • Ratings on the online forums to speak about the overall reliability
  • Legal certification by the dealer to sell such products into the market
  • Good pricing to enhance the use amongst the female community
  • Guiding templates to say about the usage to the customers

All in one, pepper spray has become one of the first-hand defense mechanisms against crimes, and its use is highly recommended to women who do not feel safe around.