Improve Your Clicking Speed By Taking A Click Speed Test

Whatever you do on your computer you need a mouse. Using the mouse becomes a habit, and your fingers work automatically on the mouse without any difficulty. All this can make you curious about your speed on the mouse. You can test your speed with a click speed test on

What is the click speed test?

This test has been on the net for quite a long now. The shows a cute way of testing your clicking speed. You can open the site and start clicking on the space available with either the auto timer set by the site or you can set your timer:

  • Go to the site
  • Play with the set timer or set a timer of your own 
  • The timer can be set from one second to 100 seconds as per your challenge
  • Start clicking at the space provided
  • Click with your best speed till the timer comes to a halt
  • You will be ranked according to your speed

What rank are you?

The site has a beautiful way of telling you your speed. You will be ranked as a fox, a rabbit, a cow, and an adorable slug.

  • If you have a clicking speed of under-five, then you will be ranked as a slug
  • If your speed per second is more than five and less than eight, then you are in the rank of a cow
  • If you have a speed of more than eight and less than 10, then you will be ranked a rabbit
  • And if you have a score that is more than 10, then you will be the fox.

Improve your speed by taking the click speed test

This cute and adorable way of knowing your clicking speed will have you playing this game more and more. This way, you can also improve your clicking speed if you are a person who plays a lot of games. Gamers usually find this a lot beneficial because they can practice their speed here. The click speed test will be a way of practicing and improving your clicking speed so try it out today.