Important Prep-work Tips For House Painting

House painting is an extensive labour-intensive task that requires planning and preparation. Without proper preparation, the task cannot be executed immaculately. Hiring one of the 10 best painter in Singapore 2020 is a way to obtain a clean, professional finish. So, how can one prepare for house cleaning? What are the steps to take? Read on to know.

Preparation tips for house painting

Here are a few preparation steps that would help in obtaining a perfect finish on the walls of any home.

  • Get rid of dirt build-up.

Whether it is visible or not, there is a considerable amount of dirt that would have built up on the walls. Before starting with the new paints, one should first get rid of dirt. Clean the walls using good quality cleaning agents.

  • Prepare the rooms/walls.

After cleaning the walls, the next step is to make sure that they are ready for new paint. Walls that have cracks or nail holes are not suitable for painting. Fill the cracks and holes. Paint drops should not fall on the switchboards. So, cover the switchboards. All the furniture and décor has to be moved to a different place. It’s the only way to prevent drops of paint spoiling the home décor items.

  • Sample testing.

The same shade of paint can look different under different levels of lighting. Sometimes, the paint does not look similar to what the person may have envisioned. Therefore, it is a recommended practice to block a small portion of the wall for testing purposes. Paint the portion and let it dry. If it matches the expectations and looks good at all times of the day, then proceed.

  • Additional tips

Different paints provide different types of finish. Know the pros and cons of the different kinds of finish before choosing the final colours. Also, it would be stressful if the paint runs out in the middle of the session. So, use tools to roughly calculate the number of paint cans required for the walls and buy accordingly.