Human Resource Job Opportunities with the Federal Government

Government departments and agencies such as the Army National Guard, Veterans Affairs, Commerce, Army, Homeland Security, Navy, Defense, Federal Aviation Administration and more are looking to hire Human Resource professionals. Currently, there are close to 300 positions open all across the county and with the Army in Europe as well. The Federal Government should not be overlooked when job hunting. The salaries are competitive with those in the private sector and the benefits are first rate. The Federal Government is always hiring and the application process will take just a couple of minutes. Most jobs can be applied for on line and each job posting will have a number to call if you have any questions you need answered before you apply. Go to the Government jobs site, click on search jobs and select Human Resources from the drop down menu.

One of the jobs available right now is for a full time permanent Human Resources Technician position with a salary of between 20,566.00 and 46,895.00 USD per year. There are 9 positions available with the Assistant for Administration, Under Secretary of the Navy in Bremerton Washington. For this job, you need to be a US citizen. Opportunities will be enhance through the availability of the online hr software for the business. The hiring of the employees will be done based on the skills, experience and knowledge. 

You must have one year’s experience researching Human Relations laws, rules , regulations, and/ or policies and then applying the information to any of the disciplines. You must also be able to use automated personnel software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, and maintain and/or filing HR records or files. This has to be on your resume, or you will not be considered. You can apply for this one on line or by mail.

Other opportunities in the Human Resource field that are available now include: Equal Employment Specialist with the National Guard – you do not have to join – in Little Rock Arkansas. Salary: From 46,625.00 to 60,612.00 USD per year. Human Resources Assistant in office automation with the Veterans Health Administration in Chicago. Salary: From 30,772.00 to 43,733.00 USD per year. Human Resources Assistant in office automation with the Department of Veterans Affairs in Wisconsin Salary: From 30,772.00 to 43,733.00 USD per year. Human Resources Specialist with the Valles Caldera Trust in Jemez Springs New Mexico Salary: From 51,101.00 to 89,425.00 USD per year. Human Resources Specialist with the Bureau of the Census in Washington D.C. Salary: From 73,100.00 to 95,026.00 USD per year. Human Resources Specialist with the Field Operating Agency of Army Staff in Alexandria, Virginia Salary: From 60,989.00 to 79,280.00 USD per year, Human Resources Specialist, with the Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration in Arlington Virginia Salary: From 70,309.00 to 108,977.00 USD per year Human Resources Tech with the Army Europe  amp; 7th Army, Ofc of Commander-in-Chief DE-Ansbachc, Germany. Human Resources Technician with the Army Medical Command in Washington D.C. Salary: From 21,592.00 to 48,207.00 USD per year