How to Groom Sheltie Feet

 Owning a Shetland Sheepdog can be a rewarding experience. However, without regular grooming sessions, a sheltie can become a huge expense for the owner. Approximately once a month (at minimum,) it is important to groom the feet of your sheltie. This will take a little bit of extra time, but will benefit you and your sheltie: you’ll spend less on a groomer and your sheltie will have clean, happy feet.

How to Groom Sheltie Feet

Just like in colmars hedgehog care service, It’s important to consistently trim the fur on the underside of the sheltie’s foot. This will help keep your sheltie from slipping and sliding on laminate flooring or other smooth floor surfaces. During the winter, this will also keep snow and ice from becoming matted between the toes. Overall, it will reduce the amount of matting between the toes and keep other unwanted items from becoming stuck in the fur between your sheltie’s toes. This will protect your pet from any potential harm. 

Tools Needed for Grooming a Sheltie

There are a few basic tools that you will need in order to properly groom your sheltie’s little feet. It may seem like a bit of money out of pocket at first, but you’ll save in the long run by not having to pay a groomer on a regular basis.

First, you’ll need a small slicker brush. These can be purchased at any local pet store for fairly cheap. Be sure to get a smaller size for the feet. Thinning shears, which can be purchased at your local pet store or local drug store for fairly cheap. You’ll also need a small pair of blunt nose scissors – you may already own a pair of these.

Lastly, a small battery operated razor. These can be purchased for cheap at your local pet store. You can also invest in a high quality razor, but is not a must.

Basic Grooming Tips for Sheltie Feet

Using the razor, begin to trim the hair on the bottom of the feet. You only need to trim the hair to be even with the pads of the feet. Absolutely do not dig between the toes, as this can cause discomfort for your sheltie and you can accidentally cut the skin.

Next, using the slicker brush you will gently brush the hair up the leg so it stands straight up. Using the thinning shears, trim the fur along the paw that is standing straight up. Be careful when using the thinning shears, as you can accidently pinch your pup’s skin.

Lastly, using the blunt nosed scissors, you will need to trim the hair around the edge of the foot pads and around the edge of the nails. Generally, it is best to follow the cur of the pads. Stay far enough away from the pads to avoid accidental cuts.

Now is also a great time to trim the nails on your sheltie. I recommend using a nail file to file down the nails, rather than nail trimmers. Using nail trimmers can pinch and cause pain. Filing down the nail may take extra time, but it’s a safer method.

Overall, grooming a shetland sheepdog is relatively easy. As long as you set aside an hour or two each week to groom your sheltie thoroughly, you can save hundreds and thousands of dollars on grooming bills.