How To Eat Out And Still Lose Weight Fast – Check the ways 

“Do you want to go dine out tonight?” is a question that many dieters dread. “Oh, no! A whole week of exercising and eating healthy to be ruined in a meal!” is what many of them actually think as soon as they hear this question. However, contrary to what people believe, eating out does not have to blow your diet. As long as you follow these useful tips, you will be able to enjoy a nice meal out while losing weight fast.

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Do your homework!

Yes, you heard right. Nowadays most restaurants post their menus online. Carefully studying these before leaving home will save you a good number of calories, not to mention that horrible feeling of guilt for having cheated on your diet. Take your time to look at the healthiest choices available at the restaurant and pick which one you are going to have. It is easier to fight against last minute temptations when you already have a choice in mind.

Stay away from unnecessary calories

Staying away from fried foods and picking grilled, baked, roasted, or broiled foods instead will save you lots of unnecessary calories. Salads are always a good option, but if you do decide to have one, beware of the dressings. Adding the wrong dressings will instantly triple the calories in the salad, so try to ask for a low fat dressing or just ask for olive and vinegar. Desserts are another extra source of calories at restaurants, so unless they offer fresh fruits in the dessert menu, skip this part of the meal.

Don’t be shy

Don’t be shy about making special requests to your server. Always ask if they can alter the food preparation to fit your dietary needs. For example, if an item on the menu is fried, ask them if they can grill it instead; if the item comes with some dressing, ask them if they can put it on the side rather than directly on your food; if an item comes with a side of French fries, ask them if they can change it for a side of vegetables. You’ll be surprised to see that most restaurants are quite cooperative about such requests.

Don’t forget about portion control

Whether you are eating at home or eating out, you have to remember the importance of portion control. It is easier to forget about this at restaurants where they serve us giant portions. Avoid losing control of the amount of food that you are eating by asking your companion if they would like to share your dish. Another option is to take home half of your meal for tomorrow’s dinner.

As you can see, eating out does not necessarily mean that your diet is doomed. Follow these tips and enjoy a nice meal out! Oh, and don’t forget about water. Sip on your water while waiting for the waiter to bring your food. Drinking water will reduce hunger and will help you cut down on the amount of food you eat.