How Do You Take Care Of Your Neon Signs?

If you’ve recently purchased a bespoke neon sign for your restaurant or retail establishment, it’s critical that you understand how to properly care for it. A sign should be clean, bright, and in good working order at all times. This will communicate your brand’s high standards and attract more customers. A broken, outdated, or smudged sign might cause more harm than good. You must wash the dust off your neon sign once a month. Maintaining it on a regular basis will keep it neat and simple and estimate proper cleanings easier. You’ll need a feather duster, a tiny and stiff marker pen, and a leaf blower with a brush attached to wipe your sign.

While it may seem paradoxical, leaving your neon sign plugged in all the time is actually better for it. What is the reason for this? If your sign is turned on and off several times a day, the power transition will wear out significantly sooner. Neon signs do not get hot and do not cause fires since they employ electrodes but instead of heated filament. Neon signs captivate and fascinate a large number of individuals. As a result, signage hung low enough for people to touch are at risk of being damaged. If a large number of individuals handle your brand sign, it will eventually shatter. Talk to your Calgary lights provider about hanging your new custom neon brand sign well out of grasp of your consumers.

Because real neon signs are composed of glass tubes filled with gas, it’s critical that you maintain them with care. Many of the wholesale neon signs are delivered to clients, so make sure you carefully unwrap it to check for any flaws or cracks, as well as that everything is still in working order. Then, either install it yourself or hire an expert electrician to do it for you.