Hidden Tips For Pokemon Go Finatics For You

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Few more hidden tips for you

If you want to enhance the experience in Pokemon Go then you should have a look on the tips as they will help you in improving your knowledge related to this game. So if you are interested then here are those tips for you-

  • Pokemon stay indoors

We know that the only way to catch pokemon is to move out but in the latest update of the game you can catch the pokemon indoors without any problem at all.

  • Cloud functionality

There is no need to worry about your progress because every data of yours will be kept safe on the cloud as that will help you a lot. You can login your account anytime you want to and get your progress transferred to the other devices at ease.

  • Turn off the AR

If you want to make capturing easy then make sure to turn off the AR in your game. In this way you will get clear vision to the pokemons and capture them right away.