Flagpole: a brief study of its types and where can one obtain them

A flagpole or a flagstaff is simply a tall pole where a flag is hung and displayed. It can either be made out of wood or some kind of metal. A cord made out of a thick string is tied to a pulley and is used to raise and lower the flag. The end of the pole is covered with a piece of the material the pole is made out of. It is usually in a spherical or a flat shape, its purpose being to not let the flag or the pulley jut out of its place and fall over. 

Types of flagpoles:

Residential: As the word suggests if someone wants to put up a flag of their country outside their homes. 

Commercial: When someone wants to put up a flag of their company or something that represents them. 

What to look for when purchasing a flagpole? 

Firstly, one needs to know what kind of lipumast müük they want to purchase followed by the size, the type of material, and its wind rating. Wind rating is the amount of wind a flagpole can handle. Flagpoles made from high-quality metals can withstand rougher winds. Once this is finalized, the type needed to be worked on.

 Generally, there are two types: 

  • The pole is made out of a single piece of solid metal/wood. It is easier to put up, but difficult to take down and transport from one place to another. 
  •  The pole is made out of numerous smaller pieces which can be easier to assemble and disassemble when needed and even transported with ease.


One can procure flagpoles from any sporting shop they visit or more easily, from e-commerce websites. These websites even offer shipping and handling. Once the pole is delivered, they will even fix it up themselves. All of this gets done, with the touch of a button.