Filling Out A Prepaid Credit Card Application

What exactly is a prepaid credit card and do you have to fill out a prepaid credit card application? Many people who don’t qualify for conventional credit cards ask about prepaid credit card applications and how to get one of these cards. There are a couple of different types of cards that people mean when they talk about prepaid credit cards. We’ll explain the two different types of cards here, which one can build your credit and how to watch out for the fees and pitfalls involved in getting a prepaid visa or mastercard, as well as where to find the best prepaid credit cards for you.

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First of all, a prepaid debit card is generally what people mean when they say prepaid credit card. A prepaid debit card is a card that you get from a company, that you can put money on by various means, and then spend the money. The card will have no line of credit and will allow no overdrafts in most cases but will allow you to purchase items online or withdraw cash from an ATM. There are many companies that offer a prepaid Visa credit card, and just as many that offer a prepaid Mastercard, and you’ll want to shop around because there are a few things that you’ll want to watch out for when getting one.

A prepaid card may charge a monthly fee or they may charge a per transaction fee. If you only use your card rarely, when you want to purchase something online for instance, then a per transaction fee may be what you want. However, if you use your card all the time then per transaction could add up to some very large fees very quickly. Also, there may be monthly fees involved in your card. It is impossible to find totally free prepaid credit cards, but you may be able to find one that doesn’t charge a per transaction fee and only say, ten dollars a month, plus a small fee to withdraw cash from the ATM.

The other type of prepaid credit cards is the secured credit card. To get these you must fill out a secured credit card application, unlike the prepaid Visa or Mastercards. These are the cards that will build your credit if you use them properly. Generally, you will deposit a certain amount of money with the company issuing you your secured credit card and you will be given a line of credit that is equal of greater than your initial deposit, depending upon whether you have bad credit or borderline credit. If you have decent credit you may be able to get two or three hundred percent of your deposit as your line of credit. These are called partially secured credit cards.

A couple of things that you should keep in mind when choosing a secured credit card is if the card reports to all three credit bureaus or just one or two. Most will only report to one or two, but you can find others that report to all three. Also, make sure that they report as a regular credit card and not a secured credit card. It will not do you much good to have payments made to a secured credit card on your credit reports. Another thing to look out for is the fees. Usually, there will be a fee to join the program or application fee, and then an annual fee. These are common but make sure that they aren’t extravagant.