Does the Social Networking Websites Really Help You Gain Something

Computers have now a days become integral part of our life. And Internet has really changed our life style completely. Internet instantly

connect you to different people all over the world and you can get connected to person sitting miles and miles apart from you. Power and effect of these sites is such, that people get connected to others on a click of a button.

Few months ago, I also thought to explore these sites. There were many sites, such as Orkut,, Yahoo-answers and and many more. There were also many sites, who help you make friends of your interest from different parts of the world. Some of sites, I found, are fee and some special sites are there, which ask for certain amount of fee for helping you connect with others.

I got hooked to Yahoo answers and I found these sites were not only very interesting they pay you also for writing. On these sites, by participating in the discussions I got connected to different kind of people. Some of them became my good friends. I exchanged my views and thoughts with them and try to learn from their thoughts and experiences. With the gathering of the experience and knowledge, a person will Buy Instagram likes cheap and fast delivery will be provided. The sharing of the thoughts with the sellers and manufacturers will be easy for the person at social networking site. 

While participating in the discussions on these various sites, I found that day to day problems are the same everywhere, whether one is living in India or in Canada. Most of the people in this world think on the same lines and they share the same problems and solutions offered to the problems were also somewhat similar. By participating in the discussions, my thinking widened and I became more receptive and broad-minded. My attitude became more positive towards others. I found that there are some very interesting people, who think like me and get connected to me in a jiffy. When we share our problems and other things, a kind of bond gets established and we start feeling secured. These sites also act as a stress buster, as I observed.

I also felt that today’s life is fast changing and so are our relations. Now a days most of the people are becoming more self-centered. So when someone gets involved in the social networking sites, he feels that there are others who listen to him and care about him. A feeling of security starts coming into his mind. It is but natural when someone feels secure, his attitude towards life changes. He starts seeing the paradox of life from a different angle.

No doubt that there are some people on this sites like black sheep who exploit the situation. They are more interested in extracting your personal details, so they could promote them and their products or say business. But I feel that should not deter us from participating in such sites. They remain helpful in one’s life in many ways. I feel those who feel lonely and wish to get connected to similar kind of persons, should become a member of one of these sites. I think, this will really help them improve themselves. The people should social networking sites with an open mind and they should learn the things from others. This also improves their writing capability and their vision. These kind of sites also help improve one’s command over a language, which proves very helpful in building self-confidence. I observed that many of the members actually joined these kind of sites to improve their English. Some said that they succeeded in improving their languages, while communicating with other members.

So those who are still thinking, whether they should join these kind of sites are not, I would say them to give it a try, I hope they would have a wonderful experience over there. Best of Luck to all.