CPL Draft Live: Rashid Khan to represent Barbados Tridents, Lynn picked by St Kitts! Is the news correct?

The most favorite and loved sport is cricket is back! The representatives have announced that the game will commence this year. After we have been through all the ups and downs that the year has brought upon us, we believe we deserve this sigh of relief and this entertainment. Sports have never found its way to disappoint anyone, and we know that you might be as excited about this tournament as everyone is! So is this recently highlighted news true? We might be able to answer that! 

Is it accurate that Rashid Khan is going to represent Barbados Tridents? 

The new is indeed correct! Two players were in speculation when the CPL 2020 Schedule and time team gave a drat for around 532 players. The group initially did not involve the two players in this draft, but because of their excellent performance, the team chose them outside the set draft. And everyone is extremely satisfied with their choice! 

When will the tournament take place? 

The CPL schedule and time are now published all over the internet, as well as the news. The tournament is set to take place on the 18th of August 2020 to the 10th of September 2020. They are going to conduct the league under the guidance and the permission of the government. In addition to that, the entire league will take place in three phases. Each of these phases is going to take place in different stadiums situated in Carribia. So, to all those who have been waiting for some hopeful or distracting news over the past few months, here is a source of entertainment that will keep you to your toes till the end! 

So, take all the relaxing time right now because the action-packed August is on its way!