Children Birth Reading

Children and Names From the moment we are conceived and growth occurs within the womb, we hear sounds, we can move, we feel vibrations and recognise the sounds of various family members. We are constantly learning about life; particularly as children our learning process is very quick. All of us are born with certain abilities. As children, they too often need guidance in life, in order to bring out their strengths and weaknesses. One of the most significant moments within the Birth of a child happens at the time they are named, as this is the very first sound that is uttered into the Earth’s Atmosphere.

Parents can spend countless hours, days or even months trying to find a name for their child, one that both can agree upon. None of us are ever named (wrongly) so to speak, our name harmonizes with our vibrations and energies. We can change our name’s, we can use nick-names as we become older, we can even change them through deed poll, but what we cannot do is change our Date of Birth, or our original name upon our birth certificate, and this is what Numerologists work with. Many children are helped with Numerology to deal with School Work, Play, Mixing with others, finding their talents etc.., once these talents are found, as parents you can then encourage your child along these lines and will find that as time goes on, this is often an area the child will excel.

So much is hidden within the name of your child and as they grow you can see their own particular numbers and vibrations at work. Many children are forced to follow within their parent’s foot-steps and become a banker, lawyer, labourer etc, when suddenly they are grown and we realise that this is not what they are suited to after all. This is where the Science of Numbers assists you, the parent, to help your child within many areas of their life.

Children and Numerology You may wonder why he or she lacks confidence. You may wonder why he or she is a dominating child, all of these answers and much more are found within the numbers of your child. Let assist you in finding the best qualities that your child holds within and then nurture these qualities to give your child the greatest chance to succeed within life. When you order a Chart for a child you will receive exactly as you would for an adult regarding their numbers and vibrations. We require their full name as written upon their Birth Certificate. Their Date of Birth. If you have any specific areas that you wish to know of regarding your child, please specify this so that we can assist you further.

Each child is unique, by supplying this information it allows us to help you raise your child to become the best He or She can be. If you call your child by a nick-name please supply this also, as nick-names change the vibrations of the child, it also alters their path in life. If you are currently pregnant and seeking to find the correct name for your Child, We will also help you to decide by giving you a full reference regarding personalities, talents, strengths. Please supply this extra information and after purchasing your reading, we advise that you use the feedback link at your member area. Whether you hope your child is loving or more Independent, all of this lies within the name you choose for your child. Children are our future, and we here at In-Depth-Numerology encourage parents to make our future as bright as possible for the innocence of our children.

It is up to the parents how this difficult world can be changed back to the innocent ways of a child. Lite Version PRICE: $10 US ADD TO SHOPPING CART When you purchase a ‘Lite Version’ of any chart , you will receive a Non-Computerised Chart that is a smaller version of the full chart. It will provide you with guidance, you will receive a ‘Compact Version’ at 30% off the marked price. If you are fully satisfied, which we at In-Depth-Numerology have no doubt you will be, you can then purchase the more graphic and fully detailed charts at the regular price. This is completely separate from the free readings that you obtain from the site. Each and every ‘Lite Version’ will give you details regarding the Chart you are interested in, and each one is prepared by hand. 

If want to learn more about child birth reading right from the basics, you can always Go to site and scan it from top to bottom to learn new things about what child astrology is all about and the role that it plays in shaping the destiny of not only the astrologers but also the children that are their clients as today it has become a huge business that sells in the market big time with large dividends.