7 Types Of Accounting Services For Small To Medium Companies 

There are various types of services and platforms that an accountant may use in order to manage the financial information of a small business. A new company relies on baseline financial statements to make efficient business decisions. There are different types of accounting services that you can use for small and medium companies.

Tax Accounting Services

One of the common reasons for a small business to use an accounting firm is to file year-end tax returns, also there are other accounting services which include bookkeeping services.

CFO Services

If you are planning to open small businesses in different locations then you need to hire professional accountants in executive-level positions to manage business operations efficiently.

Financial Statement Preparation

There are different business owners who look for financial statement preparation services like income statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheets. These documents provide critical information and financial reporting data that are required to run a business.


Bookkeeping services are required to keep records about all financial operations that are taking place in your organization. These services also help you to ensure proper financial statements and all monthly expenses that are being used.osaühingu raamatupidamine teenus

Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation services are used which helps a business to make sure all business transactions are properly recorded and also alerts the owner in case of any potential fraudulent activity.

Payroll Processing 

Payroll services take care of all properly paying employees, submitting withholdings, and paying state and payroll taxes.

Forensic Accounting Services

We would pray that these services may not be needed for your company. Forensic accounting services are needed for companies to find fraudulent and illegal activities.